Tecomec JOLLYStar Grinder (Speed Sharp Star)

SKU: 11359001


Tecomec JOLLYStar Grinder (Speed Sharp Star). Professional chain grinder for fast, accurate chain sharpening. Suitable for all chain pitches. Sharpens 3/4” pitch without having to fit any attachment. Up to 100º tilting vice for proper sharpening of chisel chains. Features include double torsion spring, self-centering clamp, working axis geometry, safety buttons and sharpening angle regulations. Comes provided with the following items: 1 x grinding wheel for 1/4”, .325” and 3/8” chain, 1 x grinding wheel for .325, 3/8” and .404” chain, 1 x grinding wheel for depth gauges, 1 x dressing brick, 1 x template and 2 x wrenches

Cross Reference

OMK519789, OMK520-230A, GAF520-230A