Tecomec SUPERJolly Grinder (Speed Sharp Auto)

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Tecomec SUPERJolly (Speed Sharp Auto). Electrical chain grinder dedicated to the most demanding professional market. An exclusive hydraulic system ensures automatic chain locking when the machine head is lowered, quickening working time by up to 50%. Suitable for all chain pitches and types. Complete with built-in lamp for improved visibility. Sliding vice for proper sharpening of chisel chains. Comes provided with the following items: 1 x grinding wheel for 1/4”, .325” and 3/8” chain, 1 x grinding wheel for .325, 3/8” and .404” chain, 1 x grinding wheel for depth gauges, 1 x dressing brick, 1 x template, 1 x 3/4” gauge template, 2 x wrenches, 1 x chain hold kit.

Cross Reference

OMK106540, GAF620-230A